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Utah Bathroom Remodeling

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Does your home need some Utah bathroom remodeling? Perhaps your bathroom is looking a bit dated - and it is just inconvenient. The fixtures are worn, the flooring is – icky, and there is no storage space worth mentioning! You just want a well-designed bathroom that lets you start your day off right – and maybe a custom-jetted tub or full-body shower to help you relax after a long day. Whether your tastes are simple and elegant, or luxurious and dramatic – All Utah Home Repair can create just the look YOU want.

We specialize in creating custom environments for families. A bathroom is so much more than a bit of indoor plumbing slapped into place. You begin and end each day in that space. A few small improvements can make all the difference in how your day starts.

Is your home in need of bathroom remodeling? Take this little quiz to see if your bathroom is improving your life – or adding stress:

  • Does your bathroom make you feel cramped and stressed as you get ready for your day – or does it help you feel relaxed and efficient?
  • Is there enough space to store all of the things you use often – or are you constantly trying to cram things into tiny cupboards or balance your toiletries on itty-bitty shelves?
  • Does your shower have enough water pressure to make showering relaxing – or are you anxiously trying to rinse out shampoo with what seems like a thimble-full of water?
  • Is your shower hot enough – long enough – for the whole family to get ready in the morning?
  • If you or your spouse likes to soak in a tub of hot water – is the tub big enough to be comfortable?
  • Does your toilet flush completely on the first try?
  • Is the mirror big enough for your needs? What about when more than one person is trying to get ready for the day?
  • Is there enough lighting – or do you feel like you are standing in a harshly lit cave?

It may seem silly, but we believe that a well-done bathroom remodeling project can literally change your day. After all, that first hour or so that you are awake each morning can set the tone for the whole day. During that little bit of “me-time” at the end of the day – are you wishing you could unwind in a comfy bathtub – or are you actually enjoying the peace and quiet that a soaking tub can provide?

You may not think much about it on a regular basis – but how convenient and comfortable your bathroom is can really make a difference to your family.

A Utah bathroom remodeling project is also an excellent investment. The three areas that make the most difference in home resale value are the kitchen, the bathroom, and the master bedroom. Did you know that a great master bathroom can be a huge selling point when the time comes to sell your home? Of course, if you remodel now – you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy it yourself!

Call All Utah Home Repair today for a free detailed estimate on your Utah bathroom remodeling job.

We’ll talk with you about your options and help you plan a bathroom that will give you comfort, style and peace of mind. We offer Utah bathroom remodeling throughout the Salt Lake Valley, Davis County, northern Utah County and Park City areas.

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